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Atomera’s CEO answering a question on how soon they’ll get to commercial production

In the LD Micro conference on 9/1/20, Atomera’s (ATOM) CEO, Scott Bibaud, gave a presentation and then there was a Q&A after. The following is Bibaud’s answer to the question “when do you think the company will have commerical agreements.” The question was asked at time stamp: 16:26


Scott Bibaud:

“When do we believe it will happen? We have not typically predicted when we will get to commercial production. One of the reasons is when customers work with us, it takes 9 months for us to do a single evaluation run with them. Maybe even longer. Um, and in the past, we’ve experienced a lot of times we have a good evaluation run with a customer, they get a good result and they want to do another one to try to make the result even better. And so that’s how these types of technologies are brought to market. So if we believe that we’re gonna reach the end in 3 months, we may find out that at the end of that we have another 9 months in front of it. We avoid predicting that but we are in the late stages of evaluation and integration with many different companies, and we’re hopeful that we’ll reach a manufacturing license with them relatively quickly.”


The way he answered the question above, makes it seem like ATOM is very far away from any potential commercial agreement. So either Bibaud answered the question deceivingly, and is in fact close to a deal, or he answered it genuinely, and the company is very far from one.