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2024-03-28 Lixte Biotechnology Lied: Its Publication Yesterday Isn’t New – It’s The Same One They Published Over A Year Ago
2024-01-11 BREAKING NEWS – Baker Bros. Didn’t Buy More Shares of Atreca Biotech, and the Company Will Only Immediately Distribute 5-7c per Share Upon Liquidation
2023-12-21 Parazero’s New Board Member Is Already On Israeli Military Company Maris-Tech’s Board – And It Hasn’t Helped The Stock Price
2023-09-29 BREAKING NEWS: It Appears That Novo Integrated Sciences Is Orchestrating a Scam With A Convicted Ponzi Scheme Criminal
2023-09-07 BREAKING NEWS: After A Call With American Rebel’s Safe Company, We found that They Can’t Do Anything Different Than What Liberty Safe Did
2023-05-31 BREAKING NEWS: GreenPower Motor Is Being Sued By One of Its Largest Customers And Might Have To Pay Back Millions In California Government Incentives
2023-05-30 5/22/23 – Green Commuter Lawsuit Against GreenPower Motor
2023-04-24 BREAKING NEWS – Presto Automation Removed The McDonald’s Logo From The Customer Section of Its Website Over The Weekend!
2023-02-06 Vapotherm (VAPO) Likely Facing Imminent Bankruptcy
2022-04-13 Reliq Health (RQHTF) Founder’s Enormous List of Penny Stock Scams
2022-04-07 FCUV Fake Supplier Building Call Recording and Transcript
2022-04-05 FCUV Report Argus Research Nov 2021
2022-04-03 FCUV’s supplier, Tianjin Guanglee, Credit Report
2022-02-17 Phone call with Kent Zimmer, CEO of CU NextGen – not really AUID’s Partner?
2022-01-17 Tricking the Ipsidy App (AUID)
2021-12-14 Bogota Bus Kiosk Videos (AUID)
2021-09-30 Craig Hallum ATOM Report 9/27/21
2021-06-03 Ladenburg price target decrease of WRAP on 4/30/21
2020-12-16 EV Star Expert Gives Details On Why GreenPower’s EV Star Is “Unsafe” and “Unreliable”
2020-09-01 Atomera’s CEO answering a question on how soon they’ll get to commercial production
2020-03-09 Why Cocrystal Pharma Will Fade Today’s Rally
2020-01-10 Morgan Stanley’s Spine Surgery Market Projections for 2020 and 2021
2019-11-22 Enochian Bioscience’s Dispute On Our Report And Our Response
2019-11-16 Enochian Biosciences (ENOB) Lead Scientist Criminal Charges Court Documents
2019-10-26 Interview with United Health Products Investor Relations Rep
2019-09-23 Majik Medicine PR – Offer To cbdMD (YCBD)
2019-08-28 Activist letter to the FDA, suggesting United Health Products (UEEC) has the wrong regulatory path
2019-07-10 BioSig Excellent, Logical Bearish Report From Investor Village
2019-05-29 More dirt on BioSig (BSGM)
2019-05-10 Why SOLY data will likely be a sell the news event on Monday
2019-02-18 Survey responses of cosmetic surgeons from Apyx’s
2019-01-29 Our Activist Letter To The FDA, Urging Them To Reject Helius Medical’s (HSDT) PoNS Device
2018-12-20 Notes On Marin Software’s (MRIN) Undeserved Two Day Rally
2018-05-15 Level Brands CEO, Martin A. Sumichrast, has a long, checkered past
2018-04-30 Adomani Bearish Report Client Exclusive (Sept 2017)
2018-03-26 Our letter to FTSE Russell regarding Longfin
2018-03-10 Ampio Pharma’s 12/14/17 and 3/7/18 Conference Call Transcripts
2017-12-17 Interviews With ClearSign Combustion Insiders
2017-11-11 Full Interviews With 2 European da Vinci Surgeons About The TransEnterix Senhance
2015-11-25 Organovo chat room transcript
2015-11-25 Insphero Interviews