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Our letter to FTSE Russell regarding Longfin

Hello _____,

I’m a technology analyst who has done some deep research into Longfin Corp (LFIN). The addition of the stock to the Russell 2000 and 3000 indexes I believe was a mistake. I understand that a stock can only be eligible for these indexes if the tradable float is 5% or more of the outstanding shares. The following link is to a report that lists many fraudulent activies of LFIN:

It states in this report, that the total tradable float is 1,390,789 shares, and the outstanding share count is 76,641,189 shares. That comes out to the float only being 1.8% of total shares outstanding. It also states in the report:

The only way that the free float could be greater than this amount is if one of the insider entities has been selling shares without filing form 4s or if Adamson Brothers has been selling unregistered shares or the company is engaging in sales of shares of its stock without a registration statement.

Signficant dilution is scheduled for LFIN to begin on May 1st, or possibly earlier if the lockup expiries are amended for some shareholders. If the FTSE Russell is going to wait until June to correct its LFIN position, we believe it’s very likely the stock will be trading significantly lower, possibly even in single digits. This would diminish the returns that your shareholders will expect to receive.

I hope this letter and evidence presented was helpful to your firm.