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The FDA Might Have Inadvertently Implanted Establishment Labs As The Next Hot Medtech Stock

Establishment Labs (ESTA) has taken the breast implant industry by storm with its next level technology, 6th generation, Motiva Implants.

The reoperation rate is under 1% with a Motiva implant, no Motiva patient has gotten lymphoma, and the Motiva Ergonomix implants are a game changer.

A recent bearish report on ESTA discussed its related party transactions and an allegedly biased clinical study. But we conclude that these are not a big deal.

The FDA recently sent a warning letter about breast implant safety, which we believe will help ESTA because studies show its implants have a lower number of adverse events.

The breast implant industry is growing, and the growth rate could increase on a new perception of safety from Motiva implants.

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